About Us

The inception of Yarn and Bone Pet Supply can be attributed to Michael and Matthew, the owners, and their beloved Chocolate Lab, Bella. Dealing with Bella's severe IBS issues, they opted for a different approach rather than relying on medications that merely masked the problem. Instead, they delved into the root cause of her tummy troubles by examining her diet closely. Through extensive research on pet food and nutrition, they embarked on a mission to find a suitable food that would genuinely aid Bella's healing from within.

Their search led them to local pet stores, hoping to discover a product that met Bella's specific needs. However, to their disappointment, they encountered an array of pet foods that seemed more tailored to the convenience of pet parents rather than the well-being of pets. Confusing labels, deceptive marketing, and the lack of clarity on what was truly beneficial for Bella compelled them to take matters into their own hands.

Driven by their passion for animals and the desire to provide a trustworthy solution, they established Yarn and Bone Pet Supply. This Delaware-based neighborhood pet store was founded with a core focus on eliminating the uncertainty of choosing the right pet products. Their mission was to offer pet owners a reliable resource to answer the question, "Is this good for my pet?"